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1. Can we bring our own bedding and toys?

 Yes, pets find comfort in having their own bed and toys. We just ask they are washable and expendable.

2. What happens if our pet needs medication?

We give necessary medications when your pet needs it at NO additional charge. We want to keep your pet happy and healthy. We are capable of also giving insulin shots if your pets are insulin dependent ($10 per shot)

3. Can our pets stay together in the same kennel?

Yes, most pets enjoy having their siblings stay with them. We also give a discount for pets from the same family that stay together.

4. Do you feed morning or evening?

We feed both morning and evening depending on our guests' usual eating habits.

5. When do you let the dogs out in the morning and when do you close them up at night?

We open the kennel at 8am and settle our guests in at about 11 pm with a treat and the turning off of TV and lights.

6. Can we inspect your kennel?

Yes, of course. Anytime during our business hours, inspections are welcomed.

7. Can we bring our own food for our pet?

Yes, we encourage you to bring your own food, especially if your dog has a sensitive stomach. We supply 4-Health grain free fish and potato dry and 4-health salmon and potato can food.

8. How do you charge, by day or by the night?

We charge starting the day your pet arrives. If you pick your pet up in the morning of your departure there is no charge for that day. Evening pick-ups and Sundays are charged for that day.

9. What vet do you use?

If your pet becomes ill, we will immediately contact your vet; if they are not available we will call our local vet.

10. Do you take hard to handle or aggressive dogs?

We pride ourselves on being able to handle all types of dogs. We have indoor/outdoor kennels that enable us to let pets in and out without having to touch if necessary. We hire experienced animal specialists and feel that with care and patience, every dog

is able to be handled. Feel free to call Lisa with your dog's special needs.

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